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Customised sublimation printing for your club, event or company. Dye-Sublimation printed clothing or apparel which gives very high visual impact without any textural differences in fabric. Any number of logos in any colour or shade in printing at no extra cost. Design is limited only by your imagination. We manufacture and supply high quality printed apparel for promotional events, sport, and work uniforms. Most popular range includes, cycling jerseys, rugby and cricket jerseys, motor club apparel, crew shirts for motor racing events, high visibility work safety ware. Custom design artwork or "Design Your Own"(DYO) concept with easy to use Blackchrome and Indico Template system. We deliver to any state in Australia and New Zealand with one of the fastest delivery systems available in the industry

View our demo to see how easy it is to use our DYO system to custome "Design Your Own" shirts and jerseys for your company, club or special evant. CLICK HERE


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